We started with
a promise

Keep it simple, stay honest, use only real ingredients, and not settle until we made something totally, completely, outrageously irresistible. We did it – and we’ll keep at it.

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About Us

You deserve something better

Cookies can be scary. Ours are not. You know what they’re made of, you can pronounce everything on the back of our bag (how do you even say lecithin?) and you likely have these ingredients in your own kitchen.

Real ingredients taste good

So that’s what we use.Each ingredient is mindfully selected to make our cookies taste amazing and add some nutritional value so you can keep snacking without worries.

Snacking is funand fuel

We power our days with snacks – why not enjoy them too? We like bars as much as the next person but nothing really beats a cookie. Now one exists that keeps you going. Sugar-crash not included.

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Sejoyia is available online at Amazon, Thrive, Vitacost and iHerb. You can also find us at a store near you.

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      What People Say About Us

      “I just had to tell you, Coco-Thins are out of this world.” –Amy
      “I love the Coco-Thins! Finally something that tastes like a cookie.” –Denise
      “YOUR COCO-THINS ARE A DREAM.” –Katherine
      “They are just the right amount of sweetness, crunchiness, and the ingredients are C.L.E.A.N.” –Linsday
      “These (Coco-Roons) are amazing, rich, flavorful, and perfect for a paleo diet dessert.” –Kat
      “I can’t have gluten and I’m just so happy, it’s so nice to have a cookie I can eat” –Amy
      “Been snacking on these Coco-Thins for weeks now and I’m totally in love” –Lindsay
      “Coco-Thins are the most delicious lightweight, cookie goodness snack I’ve ever had” –Katherine
      “They (Coco-Thins) are fabulous, I’ll be giving them out for birthday and Christmas gifts.” –Denise
      I find that I only eat one or two and feel satisfied. A new pantry stable in our house.” –Kat
      “All the ingredients are something I have in my very own kitchen!” –Lindsay