Created with Care
Respect for people and the planet is at the heart of our core aspirations at Wonderfully Raw. We say core aspirations rather than values because we believe we are always on a journey to achieve them and can always do more. Giving back in equal measure to the people in our community and the planet we live in is not only our’s a source of true joy.

Here are some of the ways that we are demonstrating this commitment.

  • All vegetables are sourced from The USA and from certified organic farmers
  • Our production facilities are 100% wind powered
  • We encourage volunteerism and reward it by converting employee volunteer hours into dollars that we we donate on their behalf.
  • Each year we donate thousands of pounds of natural and organic foods to food banks that serve those in need in our communities.
  • We have a gain sharing program to encourage cost savings and reward it by giving a large share of those savings back to our employees.
  • We are part of a community of organic food producers and help our fellow food brands by sharing advice, contacts and good old moral support.