Our Founder

What would you do if you were 56 and diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?  If you're Sequoia Cheney, you start a food company.

For much of her professional life, Sequoia Cheney and her husband, Jack, used art therapy to enrich and rehabilitate their lives of those less fortunate. After decades of service to others, life threw a few lemons her way: Sequoia she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes when she was 56 years old.  Determined to take control of her healing process, Sequoia launched herself on a journey to discover how food could empower, energize and heal her body.   

Her culinary explorations led her to getting certified as a raw chef where she continued to experiment with ingredients and began teaching cooking classes.   Her students and friends loved one creation above all others: Coco-Roons. A gluten-free, organic, superfood cookie that was delicious and had only 8 pure ingredients.

With encouragement of her students, Sequoia began producing Coco-Roons out of a small commercial kitchen for local farmer’s markets and retailers.   They were an instant hit, prompting Sequoia to recruit her son, Eric, to help her, wooing him away from his job as a Top Chef in New York City.  Sejoyia Foods was born!

The rest, as they say, is history.  Sequoia not only achieved her goal of healing herself, but she also successfully built a different kind of food company and shared her creations with the world.  The mother-son team expanded Sejoyia Foods to include 3 lines of snacks; Coco-Roons, Brussel Bytes, and Snip Chips to satisfy the needs and wants of snackers everywhere.  Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and whole food ingredient snacks that taste amazing!