Values We Seek to Live Everyday

Our name, Sejoyia, reflects our founder Sequoia’s vision to make food that brings joy to body, mind and soul. Her beliefs and our core values are built into everything we do

-Use Less: Every ingredient we use has a purpose.  If it’s not something we would feed our family, it doesn’t belong in our food.  We use only organic, nutrient rich, highest quality, purest ingredients in our snacks

-Serve others: We thrive because of our employees, our customers, our consumers, and our suppliers.  We treat them with the love and respect they deserve

-Keep It Simple: We air dry rather than bake or fry our snacks to retain the beneficial nutrients and enzymes in the food.  Simple is best.  We never add artificial anything to our food.

-Care More: Be good citizens within our community and on our planet.  Make a positive impact on our world each day through our work. 

-Be Our Best: We strive every day to be better and do better than we did yesterday.  We never stop working to improve our food, our work, or our positive impact.